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  • Highlights
Highlight Tour - Exploring the North West 
Approx. 10 days From $1,800
  • Highlights
Highlights For Families With Children
Approx. 8 days From $980
  • Highlights
Highlights For Families With Teenagers
Approx. 11 days From $1,950
  • Highlights
Classic Tour - Cuture and Local Lifestyle
Approx. 12 days From $2,180
  • Off the beaten track
Cambodian Religion and Local Lifestyle
Approx. 10 days From $1,950
  • Highlights
Highlights For Families With Children (Longer Itinerary)
Approx. 14 days From $2,390
  • Luxury
Angkor and Khmer Temples
Approx. 6 days From $1,720
  • Highlights
Highlights For Families With Teenagers (Longer Itinerary)
Approx. 18 days From $3,370
  • Highlights
Honeymoon Dream Tour
Approx. 10 days From $4,770
  • Highlights
Multiple Khmer Splendors
Approx. 8 days From $3,170
  • Off the beaten track
Cruise From Phnom Penh to Angkor
Approx. 10 days From $3,120
Multi-destination tour
  • Off the beaten track
From Halong Bay to Angkor Wat
Approx. 10 days From $1,850
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What to see and do in Cambodia

A trip to Cambodia should not be limited to the discovery, however awe-inspiring, of Angkor’s archaeological site. Other unforgettable encounters await you. For example, you can stop over on the Tonlé Sap lake, famous for its floating villages. The houses are on stilts and the inhabitants get about by canoe. Unless you prefer to go dolphin-watching in the fresh waters at Kratie. You may also find yourself alone on the heavenly, near deserted beaches and enjoy the gentle fresh water there. Everywhere, the holidaymaker is surprised by the Cambodians’ sense of welcome, their smiles and friendly hellos. As Boris says through, it is “a holiday away from other tourists but close to the locals” that awaits you in Cambodia. Whether at the beginning or end of your trip, don’t forget Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, that can be variously chaotic, teeming and passionate. What was once the jewel of colonial Indochina is more than ever loaded with history. Visit its fine museums and the architectural vestiges of the colonial era that make the town so quaintly charming. An obligatory route for those who wish to understand the history of Cambodia in the 20th century includes the gloomy S-21 prison and the Killing Fields, painful witnesses to the Khmer Rouge era. To conclude your trip to Phnom Penh on a lighter note, enjoy the walk along the Mekong River. An ideal spot for a drink as you breathe in the town’s atmosphere.

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