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China Travel Guide

China Travel Guide

6 reasons to travel to China

The reasons for a trip to China are many - a fan would list dozens of them. But if a traveler only needed a few of them in order to decide to go to this strange place, these would be the first five I would tell him:

  • 1.
    Treat your taste buds
  • 2.
    Be surprised...on every street corner.
  • 3.
    Charging your inner batteries
  • 4.
    Beyond the clichés
  • 5.
    Admire the amazing landscapes
  • 6.
    Discover a new world

Travel ideas

  • Sport and adventure
Yunnan Adventures In Shangri-la And Lijiang 
Approx. 14 days From $2,930
  • Highlights
Classic - Beijing, Yunnan and Shanghai
Approx. 14 days From $2,650
  • Off the beaten track
Great Wall Trekking Challenge
Approx. 15 days From $3,360
join a group
  • Off the beaten track
Silk Road Adventure (group tour) -  Xinjiang Province
Approx. 10 days From $1,850
  • Luxury
Highlights Tour- Beijing, Xi'An, Shanghai
Approx. 9 days From $1,470
  • Off the beaten track
Yunnan Ethnic Minority Experience Tour
Approx. 10 days From $2,170
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Places of interest

Is this the destination for you?

Those of you who love culture clashes will be able to breathe them in ! If you hate crowds then a trip to China is not for you!

You should go if

  • • You love meeting people
  • • You're prepared for cultural shocks
  • • You're willing to put prejudice aside and keep an open mind
  • • You like big things - towns, landscapes and distances
  • • You love trying new food
  • • You're looking for an affordable destination
  • • You like to be in a secure environment

You shouldn't go if

  • • You like to quickly find your bearings
  • • You need a lot of privacy
  • • Crowds freak you out
  • • You hate noise
  • • You can't handle polluted environments

Culture and Discovery

Yunnan, for sustainable travel in China

It's not easy to be a responsible tourist in China! The environment here suffers like nowhere else; historic buildings are destroyed to make way for pale, concrete imitat...
Laetitia Santos 24 April 2015
Travel account

Beijing, the cultural capital with a thousand different faces

Bejing, formally transliterated as Peking has been a topic of conversation for centuries: since the Han, Tang, and especially the Jin Dynasties, becoming China's principa...
Emilie Joulia 26 August 2014
Travel account

The Great Wall: an amazing architectural creation

Near the Great Wall, everyone is expecting to see an imposing monument. And I promise you, you won't be disappointed. Created by successive Chinese dynasties, the Great W...
Emilie Joulia 7 August 2014
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Lijiang and lost paradise

Lijiang is the best known and most touristy place in Yunnan and for good reasons: the enormous old town was once a stage on the Tea-Horse Road and is really well preserve...
Amelie Voyagista 17 July 2014
Travel account

Hong Kong - a plunge into its natural side...

Contrary to the image that we have of Hong Kong, this city has lots of places where you can escape from urbanization. Let's find out about three of them: an island, a par...
Amelie Voyagista 8 July 2014
Travel account

How to thread your way around the forest of buildings in Hong Kong

Every tourist who goes to Hong Kong goes up to The Peak to admire the town and its forests of buildings...Overview of a virtual walk through the madness of Hong Kong!...
Amelie Voyagista 8 July 2014
Travel account