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  • Highlights
Cusco Express
Approx. 4 days From $1,050
  • Highlights
Classic Tour
Approx. 17 days From $2,260
  • Highlights
Treasures Of Southern Peru
Approx. 13 days From $2,090
  • Highlights
Classic Southern Tour
Approx. 14 days From $2,920
  • Highlights
Highlights Tour
Approx. 13 days From $2,280
  • Highlights
The Best of Peru
Approx. 10 days From $3,580
  • Highlights
Family Adventure Tour
Approx. 14 days From $2,150
  • Sport and adventure
Highlights of the Sacred Valley
Approx. 14 days From $1,740
  • Highlights
Highlights and Northern Coast
Approx. 12 days From $1,680
  • Luxury
Romantic Honeymoon Escape
Approx. 12 days From $2,290
  • Highlights
Luxury Honeymoon
Approx. 9 days From $2,880
  • Off the beaten track
Meeting the Andean Communities
Approx. 15 days From $2,830
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What to see and do in Peru

Does a trip to Peru tickle your fancy? Let’s continue our tour, then. Perhaps you might fulfil a childhood dream by going out on Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world at an altitude of 3,810 metres. According to legend, the lake gave birth to Manco Capác and his sister Mama Ocllo, who founded the Inca Empire. Colca Canyon, the second deepest in the world, has wonderful surprises in store for you – condors, overnight stays with locals, oases and spas: this world is your oyster! In Iquitos, the gateway to the Amazon, you will have other kinds of encounters: alligators, tarantulas, piranhas, oversized spiders and medicinal plants. If you are enchanted by nature, then you will be delighted to visit the Ballestas Islands, where you will be immersed in nature. They are also known as the Galapagos of Peru because they are an exceptional animal sanctuary. Nazca on the Pacific coast will enchant you with its giant ground drawings several millennia old. Showing animal, plant and human forms, some drawings span more than 100 metres. The mystery of their creation is how their artists managed to etch perfectly straight lines on uneven terrain, in some cases covering several kilometers. Not to mention the world-famous UNESCO heritage ancient city of Machu Picchu One thing is sure: if you make a trip to Peru, you will succumb to the charm of this unique country.

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