Alert for travelers: Venezuela is currently undergoing a period of political instability and the government has temporarily recommended against traveling there. If you would nevertheless like to organize a trip to Venezuela, our hand-picked local expert can plan and book your itinerary for you.
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Venezuela The Greatest Trekking Experience

  • Sport and adventure
Do you like hiking? This itinerary was made for you! During 20 days, you’ll discover the greatest trekking experiences in Venezuela. First, you’ll walk across the Andean mountain range, in order to reach the top of the 2 highest summits in Venezuela. Then, you’ll climb the famous Roraima mount: Conan Doyle’s “Lost World”. With 5007m and 4942m heigh, the Humboldt peak and Bolivar peak are the ...

Do you like hiking? This itinerary was made for you! During 20 days, you’ll discover the greatest trekking experiences in Venezuela. First, you’ll walk across the Andean mountain range, in order to reach the top of the 2 highest summits in Venezuela. Then, you’ll climb the famous Roraima mount: Conan Doyle’s “Lost World”. With 5007m and 4942m heigh, the Humboldt peak and Bolivar peak are the highest summits in Venezuela. The first is far more technical: although the hiking experience is not necessary; it represents a challenge to your courage and your stamina. The second one is more rounded and hosts a glacier on the top. This second climb is easier but the fatigue and sweating are guaranteed!

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Customizable tour itinerary

This tour idea is fully customizable

This itinerary has been crafted by our Local Agency with one idea in mind: to inspire you. Every element can be adapted to your needs and your interests, from duration to accommodation and activities.

Day 1: Arrival In Venezuela And Transfer To The Andes

Your international flight arrives and then, you’ll take a national flight to El Vigia. Your luggage arrives in Caracas at the international lobby, and you'll get them back after coming out of the plane. After you’ve passed the customs control, you must follow the “Transit flights” sign. Once you’re in the national hall, you’ll proceed to do your new check-in. Count 10 minutes in order to go from the international hall to the national one. Our driver will pick you up at the airport of El Vigia, and take you directly to your Posada in Mérida city (1h30 - 2h).

El Vigía Mérida
Hacienda Colonial Buenaventura (Mérida)

Day 2: Rest day in Mérida

This will be the day to take a rest before your Bolivar peak excursion begins. You’ll be able to visit the colonial downtown and its surroundings (not included in the price).

Hacienda Colonial Buenaventura (Mérida)

Day 3: Hiking In The Coromoto Lagoon

50 minutes’ drive from our office to the Sierra Nevada national park entrance at La Mucuy. After signing-in, your guide will lead the way up into the cloud forest. You'll carry a heavy luggage filled with fresh food that you'll be eating during the whole trip. Therefore, as the days pass, the weight will reduce itself day by day. This area hosts dense vegetation, huge ferns, tall trees, streams, tiny waterfalls and a great abundance of wildlife. Eventually, you’ll break out of the forest at 3300m heigh and you’ll be greeted by the sight of the Coromoto lagoon. The moor’s fauna and flora will amaze you. Here’s where you’ll set the tents with your guide’s help. You may continue a little further in order to find a small cave where you’ll sleep this night.

Mérida Sierra Nevada Coromoto

Day 4: Going Through Lagoon By Lagoon

This path is more steep, rocky and uneven than the previous day path: the scenery is wider. In a couple of places you will need to scramble up easy sections of rock by using your hands in order to maintain the balance. Your luggage will feel lighter already. A narrow path with a sharp cliff on one side leads to the Verde lagoon. From this point, it will take one hour before attending the El Suero lagoon. You’ll camp here, at the base of Humboldt peak.

Coromoto Verde lake Suero

Day 5: The Humboldt Peak Day!

This third day of hiking is the Humboldt peak day! We leave all the non-essential equipment at base camp and we start to climb the peak. You’ll be passing through valleys, moraines and rocks where once the glacier laid. Soon you’ll arrive at the glacier and you’ll need to wear both crampons and ice axes. In order to keep you sure, your guide will also use the rope to attach you. It is a stiff hike uphill until arriving to the near-flat section just below the summit. A short 45º rise and there you are! The top of Humboldt peak with 4942m. Heigh!! Coming down is much easier. You’ll camp again at the base of the peak.

Suero Pico Humboldt Verde lake

Day 6: Hiking And Scrambling Again!

If you didn't feel short of breath yesterday, then you should today. You’ll scramble out of the valley up a slope of loose rocks. You’ll get out of the moor zone. You’ll now hike up to the Bolivar peak base. Depending on your physical conditions and the weather, we will either make an improvised camp at Timoncitos lagoon (4700m) or scramble up to the Espejo peak (4765m) at the top of the cable railway station.

Verde lake Bolívar

Day 7: Climbing, Scrambling And Hiking

Finally, the day of the big peak has arrived. The time it takes to climb Bolivar and return to Espejo or Timoncitos will depend on the group’s size, their physical conditions and level of experience. It will also depend on the amount of snow, ice, and weather conditions. Attitude and determination are major factors do not leave your courage at base camp. This is a real climb, with steep cliffs, high walls and difficult sections. You’ll spend another night at the same camp as the day before.

Be careful: this part of the trek can be optional if you encounter very weather or you don’t feel like you meet the required physical conditions at this point. 

Bolívar Pico Espejo

Day 8: Relaxing Day

It's all downhill from here to the farmhouse called “Pedro's refuge”, where you’ll stay for the night. Take it easy because your knees and ankle joints will be sorely tested on this final and long section of the trek.


Day 9: From Pedro’s Refuge Back To Mérida

From Pedro's farm we continue downhill through the cloudy forest in order to arrive to the Mucunutan village, where a jeep will be waiting for you to bring you back to Merida city.

Mucunután Mérida
Hacienda Colonial Buenaventura (Mérida)

Day 10: Discovery Day At Ciudad Bolivar's Downtown

In the morning, you’ll be transferred from your posada in Mérida to the El Vigia airport. You’ll first take a flight to Caracas and then another one to Puerto Ordaz. A driver will wait for you at your arrival. He will take you to your posada in Ciudad Bolívar (1 hour transfer). The rest of the day, you can use it for visiting the downtown, eat fresh fish at its local restaurants and enjoy your time while visiting this city, which is surrounded by the Orinoco river.

Mérida El Vigía Caracas Puerto Ordaz and San Felix Ciudad Bolívar
Posada La Casita (Ciudad Bolívar)

Day 11: Crossing Over The Venezuelan South From Ciudad Bolívar To Santa Elena

Free day at Ciudad Bolívar. You can enjoy this free day by visiting this colonial city that's just aside the Orinoco river. You can plan some visits by yourself (not included) in order for you to meet the lovely colonial downtown. You can also enjoy eating some fresh fish next to the fish market in one of the many small restaurants. In the evening, you’ll need to go to the bus station “terminal” for you to take your night bus to Santa Elena (14hours ride).

Day 12: Briefing At Santa Elena

When you arrive, you need to go by yourself to your posada in Santa Elena. In the afternoon, you’ll participate at the day before Roraima trek’s briefing at your posada, where your local guide will handle you the last indications.

Posada Los Pinos (Santa Elena de Uairén)

Day 13: Transfer To Paratepuy

Transfer from Santa Helena to Paratepuy in 4*4, where your trek will begin. At this point, last travel arrangements and lunch will take place. You'll begin your 4-5hours hike in the afternoon and you'll arrive at the Rio Tek camp, where you'll have an astonishing view of the Roraima Mount. You'll be able to take a bath at the Teck river.

Santa Elena de Uairén Paratepuy Monte Roraima

Day 14: Crossing The Savanna!

After a great breakfast right when the sun goes up, you'll cross the savanna until arriving to the Kukenan river. Going through the river can get a little difficult if the water level is high. Your guide will help you get through. Depending on the weather conditions, you may be requested to wait a few hours in order for the water level to get a bit lower. Either way, you'll get wet! After a 5 hours walk, you'll arrive to Roraima’s base camp. Your tent will be installed in front of a very impressive view of the savanna on one side and the Roraima mount on the other side.

Paratepuy Monte Roraima

Day 15: ​Climbing Until The Top!

The day we've all been waiting for has arrived: you'll walk till arriving to the top of the Roraima tepuy (4-5h walk) through a rocky and vertical pathway. After passing by the "lagrimas" you're going to walk under a waterfall. You will have to put your luggage inside of some plastic bags! Once you're on the top, along with your guide, you'll be able to observe the plants and other geological attractions. These landscapes are more than amazing. You'll get through the night in a "natural hotel" which is actually a prehistoric cave.

Monte Roraima

Day 16: Discovery Of the Roraima Landscapes And Species

This day, you'll be able to discover all the landscapes and species you can find at the top of the Roraima mount (Visit of the crystal valley and optional climb until the highest point 2723m). You will also be able to take a bath in the natural Jacuzzis and to observe the amazing view from the "La Ventana" cliff. Anticipate a 4 hours walk in order to get there.

Attention: the top of the Roraima mount can be dangerous, because there are some very deep cracks and misleading landscapes

Monte Roraima

Day 17: Going To The Tek Camp

After taking an early breakfast, one big walk is ahead of you during the day before arriving to the Tek camp (6-7 hours walk). You'll have to take the same path backwards, so you'll pass once more through the Kukenan river.

Monte Roraima

Day 18: Back To Ciudad Bolivar

4 hours walk to Paratepuy, then, you'll return to Santa Elena in a 4*4 transport (with a lunch stop at Paratepuy). Night transfer to Ciudad Bolivar.

Day 19: Enjoying The Rest Day In ​Ciudad Bolívar

You can enjoy this rest day in Ciudad Bolívar as you please. You can either stay at your Posada or go to the city’s downtown in order to buy souvenirs, look down for handmade goodies or just enjoy the warm weather from a local restaurant.

Ciudad Bolívar
Posada La Casita (Ciudad Bolívar)

Day 20: Back To The Airport

Transfer by the road from Ciudad Bolívar to Puerto Ordaz airport (1h30h; 150km). From here, you’ll take a national flight to Caracas’ airport. Once you get there, you’ll be able to get on board of your international flight. Please, notice that we recommend you to be at the check-in counter of your international flight with 5h of anticipation.

Ciudad Bolívar Puerto Ordaz and San Felix Caracas

El Vigía Mérida Sierra Nevada Coromoto Verde lake Suero Pico Humboldt Bolívar Pico Espejo Mucunután Caracas Puerto Ordaz and San Felix Ciudad Bolívar Santa Elena de Uairén Paratepuy Monte Roraima

Price details

This tour idea is fully customizable

The price reflects this specific itinerary and is designed to give you an idea of the budget required for this destination. Throughout the trip-planning process, our local agency will tailor your itinerary around your budget.

Approx. $2,050 / 20 days
Excluding international flights
Price per person, based on double occupancy

Included in price:

  • All the transports, flights, boat, 4*4, taxis from Caracas and until Caracas except the taxi transfers from Ciudad Bolívar to Santa Elena, Posada/Bus terminal and the night bus
  • All the accommodations
  • Meals when they are specified (B-L-D) = (Breakfast-Lunch-Diner)
  • The specialized guides for each excursion speaking both english and spanish
  • All the excursions and safaris quoted in the program except for Ciudad Bolívar

Not included in price:

  • International flights
  • The airport taxes (about 5euros/pers/flight)
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Meals when specified like not included (by yourself) (--) = no meal included
  • The private English speaker guide during the length of your trip
  • The transfers from Ciudad Bolívar to Santa Elena’s, Posada/Bus station and night bus
  • The personal expenses
  • All sorts of insurance
  • All which is not specified under « Included in this price»

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